6000w ласерска машина за сечење

ACCURL IPG 6000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Price outshine with its fast cutting and energy efficiency abilities when especially its compared to CO2 Easy use, maintenance and service has been achieved by the high technology of Fiber Lasers. Globally recognized efficient components used in ACCURL 6Kw Fiber Lasers add value to your company.

6000W fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with nLIGHT laser generator as well as efficient drive mechanism such as high precision gear rack, high precision linear guide rail, and assembled through the advanced BECKHOFF CNC controller. It is a hi-tech system integrating laser cutting, precision machinery and CNC technology. Mainly used for cutting and forming carbon steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, aluminum alloys, composite materials, etc. With the features of high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance, it is specially for cutting larger format metal sheets, with the cutting area 1500mm×3000mm and 2500mm×8000mm. The 6000W fiber laser cutting machine can cut a maximum thickness of 25mm carbon steel and 12mm stainless steel.