500w ласерска машина за сечење

Incredibly fast and flexible, the ACCURL Genius 500w fiber laser cutting system is ideal for ultra-high speed cutting of thin sheet materials. The Genius has the ability to cut a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals while maintaining low cost operation.

Due to the influence of the laser wavelength of solid, it is poor quality when cutting thick plates.The wavelength of fiber laser cutting machine is 1080nm±5, not easily absorbed by nonmetal, so it cannot cut non-metallic materials. The photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser cutter is more than 25% , and the advantages of fiber laser in electricity consumption and auxiliary cooling system are obvious.

The main advantages of fiber laser cutting machine: High photoelectric conversion rate, less power consumption, can cut the stainless steel plate and carbon steel plate within 12MM.Fiber laser cutting machine have good spot quality .it can cutting thin plate with small seam quickly .it can be used for fine cutting.

For fiber laser cutting machine widely used and the obvious advantages of cutting, triumphlaser develop cost-effective 500W fiber laser cutting machine for domestic users .it mainly used for cutting 4mm of stainless steel, carbon steel, iron and other metals.